Manitoba Institute of Management

Planned Seminars

The following seminars are being planned for 2016-2017

  • "The Political Economy of Health Care Expenditure" — a critical examination of the economic impact of health care expentidure, addressing the issue of "consumption versus investment".
  • "The Green City" - a critical examination of civic policy and assumptions underlying 'green movement' politics.
  • "Scale and Energy" - a discussion of the relationship between scale of energy production and generating capacity, and social values.
  • "Privatizing Social Services" - contemporary theory and practice of social democratic governments
  • "The Political Economy of Health Care Finance" - a critical definition of the paradigm
  • "Moral Corruption in the University" - the view of the moral philosopher
  • "Gender and Food" - setting the parameter
  • "Gender, Trade and Finance" - what does it mean, and does it matter?
  • "Spent Nuclear Fuel" - the technology of energy recovery and economic value
  • "Twitter, Tweeter and Management" - new generations, new communication technologies and the effect on management science