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Admission to MIM membership is by invitation. A member thus admitted can leave membership at any time. This process is based on the idea that individuals freely associating for a purpose create the strongest possible organization.


Membership carries no legal or ownership obligations, and is intended solely for those individuals who wish to associate with others of like mind.


First year and subsequent membership dues are $500. Payment is by cheque to Manitoba Institute of Management (Canadian Currency only please.) Prices include GST.


As a management organization involved in the practice, teaching and learning of management in contemporary society, the Manitoba Institute of Management (MIM) provides a forum for individuals through its membership program.

By purpose, the MIM membership program is not fully designed, nor will it ever be. MIM respects the role which members may play in determining, changing and creating the substantive content of the membership program over time.

Charter Members

In 2010, for the first and only time in 45 years, MIM awarded Charter Memberships to individuals who had demonstrated excellence in management. These individuals now enjoy their lifetime status as Charter Members.

Some have chosen to pay annual dues in 2018, while others have preferred to retain their status without active participation in membership programs. All Charter Members are welcome to participate in future years, as they see fit.


Membership services currently offered include the following:

  • Concessionary Rates for Management Tutorials through MIM’s Select Counsel ServiceTM, Revenue CareTM, and MIM CareTM
  • Invitations to private seminars
  • Preferential access to the MIM suppliers


MIM members are welcome to use the facilities of the MIM head office in Winnipeg. Reflecting the international composition of MIM’s membership, chapters are established elsewhere from time to time.

Member Communications

MIM encourages its members to communicate with each other directly, and to this end, MIM will facilitate reference and contact points upon request. MIM respects fully the privacy of its members and none of their information will be provided to third parties without the express, prior approval of the respective member.


MIM is a privacy conscious company. We will never share your personal information with anyone without your prior consent. Please review our privacy policy.

Member Emeritus

Ossawanimikee – Kenneth George McLeod

Objibway Dreamcatcher

Ossawanimikee was born on the Serpent River First Nation, respectfully referred to as Kenabutch in the Ojibway language, on the north shore of Georgian Bay of Lake Huron, near the outlet of the Spanish River.

He was the first Treaty Indian elected to the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba where he was appointed the Legislative Secretary to the Premier, and to the Labour and Economic Committees of Cabinet. In his early adult life, he served for five years with the Canadian Armed Forces as a Paratrooper and Air Supply Instructor before joining the labour movement where he subsequently became President of Local 6166 of the United Steel Workers of America, serving two full terms.

Fully conversant with the cultural and economic paradigm, Ossawanimikee is competent in all management disciplines. Specifically, cross-cultural communications, logistics, the management of change, and mediation are areas of strength.

His work experience has been gained in Australia, Canada, Finland, Namibia, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Zambia.

Ossawanimikee’s commercial and professional career encompasses more than three decades in managing economic development projects in the energy, food, forestry and mineral sectors. He served as the Field Staff Co-ordinator for the Saskatchewan Key Lake Board of Inquiry and was the Managing Director of the Saskatchewan Metis Society Economic Development Program. For twenty-six years, he was the President and Chief Executive Officer of his own companies, Yellow Thunder Holdings Ltd. and JLM Foods Ltd.

In 1999, Ossawanimikee was appointed as Management Counsel in the Manitoba Institute of Management. Six years later, he was granted the honorary designation of Management Counsel Emeritus, the only person in fifty-one years to have been awarded this honour.


Biographies for Fellows are added from time to time.