Manitoba Institute of Management


Management Educational Programs

Education Defined

The Manitoba Institute of Management (MIM) offers a comprehensive management educational experience for individuals and organizations within all sectors of the economy. It is recognized that the learning process encompasses elements of knowledge, skills and attitudes, and that management education must first and foremost focus on knowledge and ethics.


Central to the MIM educational experience are supervised tutorials and research. Management practitioners, scholars and researchers alike participate with MIM Management Counsel in a very wide variety of management learning activities. These activities reflect their joint capabilities and interests.

The Management Tutorial

The Management Tutorial, as a teaching and learning instrument, is utilized extensively in an ever expanding range of circumstances. Individuals wishing to improve themselves generally through acquisition and use of management knowledge participate in Management Tutorials. Some seek to optimize their ability to generate revenue and manage wealth, while others address a specialized area of management knowledge. The common element is the exploration of the theory and practice of managing this change.

Management Counsel

As well, for individuals who are facing particularly difficult management challenges in their places of work, MIM Tutors design and develop highly specialized and individual experiences. For these practicing managers, where the pace of learning needs to be highly flexible, and where there is a demanding in situ environment, theoretical content is predominant.

Intellectual Freedom

MIM Management Counsel are culturally sensitive, senior professionals with expertise in all functional areas of management, and all economic sectors, many having attended leading universities in Canada and elsewhere. Of particular interest is strategy, information technology, human resource development, finance, economic development in cross-cultural circumstances, cross-cultural communications, and the relationships between and amongst gender, technology, and trade.

MIM management educational programs are available to individuals and organizations regardless of geographic location, previous formal education or any particular work history. MIM is interested in an individual's motivation to learn and to participate freely in an organization where the highest value is intellectual freedom.