Manitoba Institute of Management


Culture and Management Technologies


The Manitoba Institute of Management (MIM) engages in only one area of pure research, that being the relationship between culture and management technologies in contemporary society.

This research examines the paradigm from theoretical and application perspectives, and in particular, the transfer of a management technology from one culture to another. Historical experience forms the basis for the research questions being pursued.

Value, Culture and Management

The assumption that the transfer is free of values and un-encumbered is questioned and examined. Study and analysis of many transfers from cultures where the technology has been developed, tested, and refined to a recipient culture shows the paucity of the notion. The research objective is to provide fact and analysis upon which sensible conclusions can be based.

Culture is defined not only in ethnic and national terms, but also as a set of values and behaviours arising from other circumstances. These include the professional disciplines, specialized technology and research entities, and other organizational constructs of highly specialized natures.

Theoretically, it can be shown that behavioural change must occur in the recipient culture, often to the point of mirroring the creative culture. Empirical research demonstrates a similar phenomenon. MIM research examines all of these issues.

The Literature

Unfortunately, literature is largely deficient on this vitally important matter, and, consequently, MIM works from first principles. The research is original with long-term time perspectives, highly focused, and designed to ensure a thorough and comprehensive approach.

Invitation to Participate

MIM welcomes participation in this research from management practitioners, scholars and learners who may wish to participate.