Manitoba Institute of Management


Interim Management Services

Purpose of Interim Management

On occasion, it is appropriate for the Manitoba Institute of Management (MIM) to offer management services on an interim basis to a client facing serious challenges. Order of magnitude change (whether planned or unplanned), significant growth, aggressive competitor behaviour, financial shortfalls, or a variety of other events can generate these challenges.

Usually, it is perceived that a major intervention is required to preserve and grow the organization and its assets.

Engagement Design

Interim Management engagements are of relatively short duration, intense and demanding of a range of management services, and integrated and applied to the problem at hand. These engagements may require MIM Management Counsel to assume all or a portion of day-to-day operating control. This can include signing authorities for banking, purchasing and other corporate functions, and direct reporting to the responsible authority, whether the Board of Directors or some other body.

New commercial formations constitute the bulk of MIM Interim Management work, with rescue, change, and turnaround engagements being of secondary importance. The experience of MIM Management Counsel is that the creation and growth of new organizational entities often requires a very special kind of management caring which is appropriate only during formative stages.

Sector Focus

MIM interim management services have been provided in many sectors of the economy, including, but not limited to, aviation, communications, construction, distribution, financial institutions, food processing, healthcare, Indigenous commercial formation, manufacturing, and recreation. Management Counsel are thoroughly familiar with all forms of commercial organization including limited partnerships, the limited liability private corporation, co-operatives, partnerships, sole proprietorships, and not-for-profit organizations.


Client communications are immediate, focused and responsive. Management reports are filed at very regular intervals; and, since the scope of an engagement can change abruptly, MIM ensures that client decision makers are kept as fully informed as possible at all times.

All Interim Management engagements are undertaken on a confidential and privileged basis.