Manitoba Institute of Management


Project Management Services

Comprehensive Definition

The Manitoba Institute of Management (MIM) offers comprehensive project management services as an integral component of its management activities.

MIM defines project management to mean the orderly and planned use and allocation of resources, whether human, financial, material, or some combination thereof. Resource use is directed to attainment of a specified end.

Project Organization

In all projects managed by MIM, whether internal to the organization or on contract to a client, a specified program of activity is utilized. The components of this program are specified below.

  1. Scope
  2. Objective(s)
  3. Summary Work Program
  4. Detailed Work Program by Phase of Activity, Work Step, Timing, and Resources
  5. Reporting Milestones
  6. Work Program Assessment (at regularly specified intervals)
  7. Management Reports (in point form at regularly specified intervals)


MIM Management Counsel are experienced project managers, thoroughly familiar with project management technologies including the critical path method (CPM), program evaluation and review techniques (PERT) and the application of Gantt chart techniques. In complex project management undertakings, computer applications are applied.

Industrial Focus

MIM project management expertise reflects our experience in a wide variety of industries, including, but not limited to, financial institutions, medium and advanced level manufacturing, construction, energy, and public administration.

Working From First Principles...

Each project management engagement is treated on its own merits. Working from first principles, project management methodologies are adapted and applied to ensure optimum outcomes.