Manitoba Institute of Management



Historically, the Manitoba Institute of Management (MIM) has published widely on a large variety of management topics. These publications have been related to the functional management disciplines, as applied to small business, not-for-profit corporations, government agencies and government owned commercial corporations.

MIM publications were universal in nature, being provided to centres of learning, libraries and management practitioners in countries spanning all regions of the world.

Since 1995, MIM has paused its publishing activities, undertaking research and collecting information needed to update previous publications, while designing new titles. In the next five years, MIM plans to publish the following books.

  • Purchasing for Small Organizations
  • A Critical Analysis of Business Planning
  • The Culture/Technology Paradigm
  • Management and the Public Interest - The Perspective of a First Minister
  • The Political Imperatives of Gender in Management
  • The Political Economy of Spent Nuclear Fuel
  • Culture, Technology and Project Management

MIM respects the value of the paper book, and the importance of electronic publishing. Both technologies will be used.

MIM also invites participation from authors who seek a publisher and wish to work co-operatively.